Cheering her spelling words.

November was not as full as I had hoped it would be. I barely had a voice for about two weeks, so I had to get creative when I was feeling up to teaching anything a bit formal. Thankfully, during those two weeks, the weather was decent so the girls could get out of the house and didn’t develop the dreaded cabin fever this early in the season.

Science this month involved animals. It meant I didn’t have to talk, just prepare lessons and let David Attenborough fill in the gaps. Ha. Mae took it upon herself to investigate more by digging through books we own and *approved* Youtube videos.

We only made it through one, shorter group read aloud this month. (I had three chapter books set aside) But it was a great one!

We also read The Quiet Little Woman: a Christmas Story, by Louisa May Alcott in one sitting. It too was delightful!

Mad Mattr seemed to be the activity of choice during group read-aloud time.

The girls had lots of copy work, which has not been as big of a priority this semester. So much writing! Rae was not thrilled and will surely be bummed to find out I liked the results and plan on bringing it back full force.

We also played more games in a single month than we ever have.

Their favorites right now are Settlers of Catan, Five Crowns, 6 nimmt, The Game, Bananagrams, Kings in the Corner, Dungeons & Dragons, Battleship, and Hangman. They also played checkers but that game frustrates both of them when they play each other.

Rae even made her own Candyland game! She made paper people go with it, but we used legos because it made it more fun (and that way she could be Lloyd). Her candy spots were peanuts, a lollipop, Twizzler, and an ice cream cone. The characters on the board were the four of us. I’m definitely framing it when we’ve worn it out.

Mae took to writing songs. Whether they amount to something or not, I thought it would be good practice for writing and identifying the notes.

Rae keeps to herself and never really needs help with anything no matter the subject. However, if I sit with her while she works, she becomes the biggest chatterbox and laughs at all her own jokes. It’s the best.

Mae wrote while Rae drew this one.

Throughout the year, we read up on and talk about native Americans. The girls and I are fascinated by them. In November, we have formal lessons about them in preparation for Thanksgiving. Because I couldn’t talk much, we are probably going to continue researching them into December, because I think of too many projects I want to they would like to work on and there is always more to say.

We read a few books from the library, but my favorites are some we own –

The People Shall Continue, North American Indians, and the most in-depth book -given to me by my brother, Joseph – Through Indian Eyes. The girls look through it often. It is an encyclopedia of sorts.

I have put our Kings, Queens, and Medieval era lessons on hold until next semester sometime.

Hopefully, most of you actually get to enjoy a long weekend. I’ll post the monthly round-up of loose ends on the 30th.


Art is constant in our house. That is probably no surprise to anyone. Zack and I took SIX art classes together in high school, and a few others apart from each other (and more in college). My older brother was constantly drawing growing up. Every year for his birthday he was sure to get fresh sketchbooks and drawing tools. Zack too was drawing most minutes of the day, even around every page of notes from high school and college (We have totes full of his notebooks and sketchbooks!) as well as every bulletin he’s received in various churches.

Rae is definitely falling in their footsteps. I have taken to buying her some of her very own sketchbooks which she quickly fills with sights and thoughts of her day. Her most drawn subject is me (much like high school Zack).

Below are drawings from both girls. While Mae doesn’t care for drawing (and Lord forbid I have her color something in), I will occasionally catch a glimpse of her jotting down a quick doodle. Like me, she prefers to draw animals and nature-related objects to stretching her imagination. She has an incredible imagination for telling stories and ‘inventing’ but sometimes drawing feels like a punishment. (For Rae, writing is a punishment, haha)

Rae’s image of Daddy laying new flooring, likely singing or readying a kiss.
Mom portraits! I have got dozens of them.
Rae’s Mat Man. “A man made of a mat.”
Rae drawing Mom, by Rae.

A few months ago, Rae began drawing her perspective and it blew my mind!


Green is my favorite color, and Rae makes sure to always dress me in it…

Fruit, by Rae

Rae’s Wizard of Oz characters.

Stickers are still very beloved, as is a good snow day.

Mae’s! Finally! A horse jumping on a trampoline under a sunflower sun.
Mae’s owls.
Rae’s, My Neighbor Totoro.
Rae’s, The Cat Returns.

Rae drew each and every Miyazaki/Ghibli movie she could think of! I only posted two, though…

Rae, by Rae, for Mom.
By Rae, Momma bird feeding baby birds, and two worms snug under a rock.
Girl and punk fella.
Rae’s self-portrait / portrait of a girl.
Daddy at age 31 and possibly younger Daddy?
Princess / girl waiting for a cooking timer. Both by Rae.

We do not own this kind of cooking timer and I don’t think we know anyone who does. That girl is so creative!

Rae’s portraits of Mae.

Mae still dreams of dancing again. It was so nice of her sister to see her as a dancer.

Rae’s portrait of Mom. -practicing face proportioning.

On this one, she wrote “To Mom” followed by my phone number, which she writes on just about everything she gives me.

Ninjago is her current obsession. Lloyd is her favorite. (She likes the movie, not the show.)
BMO. The cutest character from Adventure Time.
Dad, painting the ceiling, by Rae
Finn and Jake, the main characters from Adventure Time.
Daddy, bird watching through a camera lens, “not binoculars.”
A school day spent at the table. Mae talks a lot more than Rae, haha. By Rae.



Papa, DeeDee, and little DeeDee.


Three grandparents were able to visit on her birthday (Saturday birthdays are the best!), so we threw her a tiny on the fly party.

We served tomato soup with bread and chocolate cake!

Her grandparents all brought many gifts, and from Zack and I, she decided (after changing her mind three times) she wanted to go and see Frozen 2 in the theater, so she has three more days to wait. She is so excited!

Her first request was to take Grandma Penny and Grandma Shari out to eat at Taco Bell – where she would order a rice bowl. That’s all she wanted!! These girls smother us in so much cuteness.

We played game after game, and I do believe she got a proper amount of spoiling from everyone.

She shared her Lego buds with Papa.
So many great gifts!
Trying not to smile while we sang Happy Birthday.
Cutting her own cake. Seven!
Making Mae’s Christmas list.
Playing a game on Grandma’s phone.

She still occasionally comes up to me and reminds me that she is now seven years old. Haha.



You are seven today! You have been so eager for this day, sometimes shaking with giddy anticipation. It reminded me, for the first time in a long time, of when you would shake (with the largest of smiles plastered on your face) at the thought of some incredible moment on the horizon. I am filled with such a comfort knowing, while you are older and more mature, you really haven’t grown far from younger you.

Something that has not changed is your commitment to your interests. When you like something, you really like something. You don’t flutter from one great thing to the next. You get to know everything you can about what you enjoy. Your first big love was Star Wars, which held strong from age three to age six. With six came an interest in Ninjago and art (particularly drawing), and even now you show no signs of moving on to new interests.

You love love love when I lie down on the floor and play Legos with you. You build and build for hours and though you love to have company you don’t require or even wait around for it. You are your own woman. Always have been. Hopefully always will be.

I have really been blessed with so many hours of one on one drawing, cooking, reading, and Lego time with you in the past few months. Time with you, hearing your thoughts, sharing mine, has been such a gift to me.

You love me and you show me nearly every minute of every day – whether with hugs, kisses, drawings, gifts, requests for me to join you in doing what you enjoy, or requesting to join me with what I enjoy. I am trying very hard to appreciate having you around every minute of every day. Which, is not hard, but what I wouldn’t give to freeze time and spend days with you, uninterrupted.

You are brilliant. You think of the most insightful things to say and, usually, stop to think before you speak. Knowledge seems to come easy for you. Maybe that is why I am so grateful you still have a resemblance to your younger self? Your big brain hasn’t stifled your sweet six seven-year-old nature.

Seven! I am excited to see how you change this year and how you stay the same. I am continually getting to know you – the real you underneath your circumstance.

Welp, I’m off to watch Ninjago with you for the umpteenth time before you head to bed tonight. Your first sleep as a seven-year-old!

I hope wherever life finds you now, you are happy, carefree, and maybe, if you have time, you could send me a new drawing for old time’s sake?

You’re terrific, Rae. I love you.



OCTOBER! The month of birth and of my firstborn. The month fall shows up and we bring out all the warm clothes and hearty food. Most of the bugs are already hibernating and the birds fill our porch to fill up on seed. It begins the final and most holiday filled months of the year. I love this time of year!!

The hens have begun to molt which means fewer eggs for us (which is fine!!) Rae had been requesting boiled eggs and as a way of marking them, she has been doodling on them. Although, if the eggs are in the fridge, they’re boiled, so they don’t really need to be marked, but doodles make it fun.

We spent the morning of the first chilly day at the park. We brought breakfast as well as tea in a thermos, Rae’s pumpkin (’cause, autumn), a vase of flowers, and candles. We read Jill Barklem‘s Autumn Story (Brambly Hedge) and a chapter from Elska (Horse Diaries series). Afterward, they explored, collected nature and marched around and around the large firepit.

She received the coolest babydoll from Grandma!

Mae turned NINE this month!

For her ‘birthday experience’ she chose to get her ears pierced. We celebrated on the last weekend of September since we would be in the city (near a Claires). She chose ‘diamond’ studs to match the earrings she always picks out for me to wear so that we could match. I mean. Could she be any sweeter?????

The girls each carved a pumpkin early on in the month. We listened to the old radio drama version of Frankenstein while they did so. We also thought of ideas for Mae’s actual 9th birthday – Family video game time, no formal school, bake something, etc.

On Mae’s actual birthday, she requested pumpkin cinnamon rolls for breakfast and a bonfire with s’mores before bed. The moon was so bright; when they were done the girls ran around the yard in the moonlight dancing around the shadows of tree limbs.

She ended up with marshmallow in her hair. She just asked that I cut it out – which took out quite a large chunk of hair. She was so happy to hear that she may need a full hair cut that we chopped it off right then and there. She is thrilled with it and hasn’t had a single tangle since.

I wrote a post about Elwood P. back here.

Mom/Wow by Rae.

Rae is still delivering one hundred drawings to me daily. She always writes some version of, “Mom, I love you,” on each one.

This is definitely one of my faves. The ghost on a string, I have shopping bags for some reason, the heart knee patches and the intricate zipper, that sweet striped shirt with sleeves that are juuust a bit too short (cold wrists foreverrrr), that cool bob I wish I could pull off, that thick swipe of eyeliner, and that freckled smiley next to my face. Mmmmboy.

The hens have become mega chill now that it is cold outside. I still don’t trust Miss Maybe around them so they are stuck in their coop always, but we managed to coax her inside so Mae could hold a lady for a bit. Anyone remember our old flock following her around the yard like a mama hen? I miss that.

I wrote about the month’s school back here.

As well as a side bit about our Viking lessons here.

The girls cooked and baked and cooked and baked. (My favorite was the Barmbrack they made for my birthday!) The colder weather certainly makes us enjoy so much daily time in the kitchen – except for the cleanup part. Although, Mae did flash a smile up there while putting away clean dishes. Maybe the entire process is wonderful?? Must be.

My aunt sent me a text of an incredible cake she thought my girls and I would dig. Boy, did they!

They, of course, wanted to make their own and quickly chose a turtle. I kept all of the icing-less scraps for myself. I think we will try something with coconut fur next!

Mae helping me write this post.
Waiting for takeout dumplings.

Zack was away for two weekends with friends and had friends over one evening and a few drop by on other evenings. That man needs as many brakes with friends as he can get to balance out his constant jobs and side jobs and home renovations.

We sure missed him while he was canoeing, camping, and hiking with friends. I tried to make it extra fun for the girls while he was gone. We almost had a movie night and some sort of fun meal – in the photo above, we grabbed Chinese food and they were so excited to go into the restaurant since they had never seen the inside. It doesn’t take much to make them happy!

I turned 32 this month!

We don’t typically give each other gifts, but Zack got me every episode of my favorite show! I’ve been waiting for years to get it. Rae drew this for me one day (always drawing!!) and I adore it. I have every episode memorized but I still chuckle constantly.

Back when we could go a day without rain, the girls enjoyed raking leaves. Not to jump in, they just like raking. They laughed and laughed so much. I am so thankful they are friends.

Would you look at that face? Is that guilt or desperation and longing for mom hugs?

Miss Maybe got some extra love and plenty of scraps this month. She also spent more and more time outside exploring that usual. Getting into trouble, no doubt.

Fridays are a bit more lax for us. On this particular day, we headed up to the library after our morning time and thought it was so incredibly pretty in town that we must stay a bit longer.

We grabbed some warm beverages and donuts from a gas station, found a spot back by the library to park, and walked.

We walked until we came to the gazeebo by the tracks so they could enjoy their treat and wouldn’t you know, a train drove by just for them.

The funeral home’s flowers are still alive through the unbearably cold weather! Suspicious much? AND a cute tree with a cute nose.

We took the long way back to the car. We named our favorite houses and admired everyone’s decorations, tried not to trip on the sidewalks/tried to catch those who did trip, and talked about anything and everything.

The girls are still trying to enjoy that pioneer life as best they can.

Have you read Ox-Cart Man? That would be Mae’s ideal life. Rae likes dressing the part and the cooking. In the photo above, they were enjoying some tea (water) and reading some pioneer type books.

Mae is very into Halloween. She enjoys thinking up a costume, wearing said costume out of doors, collecting candy, being in and walking around town, carving pumpkins, observing everyone’s decorations, the fall trees being in full color, any and all fun food that comes with the holiday…she likes it all.

We didn’t really celebrate Halloween when I was a kid. The last Halloween I remember I was possibly five-years-old? I was a black cat. I can’t imagine my parents ever celebrating it as kids. So once I had a child who was so enthusiastic about it, I decided to run with it and figure it out as we go.

This year, we decided to carve an extra round of pumpkins on Halloween. They also danced to fun Halloween music (they really like Thriller this year), watched Hotel Transylvania and the making of the Thriller video, and read books we grabbed ahead of time from the library. I gave them the day to themselves – no school, no chores.

Our first stop this year was to our wonderful neighbors! We usually make them our last stop, but it was SO cold this year, we went there first before the sun began to go down. They are always happy to see the girls and they give them the best goodie bag of treats -like popcorn and hot chocolate, pencils, and a couple of pieces of candy.

Zack was able to go trick-or-treating with us for the first time in years! It was so nice to have a buddy and for him to see them, old enough to walk to the door without us and hear their joy about it all as we walked.

We went to more homes this year – possibly because I had a buddy who could warm me up. Everyone was genuinely happy to see the kids come up and get candy. It was so nice to see.

Their costumes were perfect since they could bundle up as much as they needed to and it wouldn’t mess up their ‘look.’

Left: Rae’s Right: Mae’s

Their pumpkins greeted us when we came home!

Once we were home they sat down and began to sort their candy and immediately began discussing their costume ideas for next year while I made a late supper.

Today we are taking down the Halloween decorations, giving the house a once over with the broom, and starting a new book!

Happy November everyone!