Art is constant in our house. That is probably no surprise to anyone. Zack and I took SIX art classes together in high school, and a few others apart from each other (and more in college). My older brother was constantly drawing growing up. Every year for his birthday he was sure to get fresh sketchbooks and drawing tools. Zack too was drawing most minutes of the day, even around every page of notes from high school and college (We have totes full of his notebooks and sketchbooks!) as well as every bulletin he’s received in various churches.

Rae is definitely falling in their footsteps. I have taken to buying her some of her very own sketchbooks which she quickly fills with sights and thoughts of her day. Her most drawn subject is me (much like high school Zack).

Below are drawings from both girls. While Mae doesn’t care for drawing (and Lord forbid I have her color something in), I will occasionally catch a glimpse of her jotting down a quick doodle. Like me, she prefers to draw animals and nature-related objects to stretching her imagination. She has an incredible imagination for telling stories and ‘inventing’ but sometimes drawing feels like a punishment. (For Rae, writing is a punishment, haha)

Rae’s image of Daddy laying new flooring, likely singing or readying a kiss.
Mom portraits! I have got dozens of them.
Rae’s Mat Man. “A man made of a mat.”
Rae drawing Mom, by Rae.

A few months ago, Rae began drawing her perspective and it blew my mind!


Green is my favorite color, and Rae makes sure to always dress me in it…

Fruit, by Rae

Rae’s Wizard of Oz characters.

Stickers are still very beloved, as is a good snow day.

Mae’s! Finally! A horse jumping on a trampoline under a sunflower sun.
Mae’s owls.
Rae’s, My Neighbor Totoro.
Rae’s, The Cat Returns.

Rae drew each and every Miyazaki/Ghibli movie she could think of! I only posted two, though…

Rae, by Rae, for Mom.
By Rae, Momma bird feeding baby birds, and two worms snug under a rock.
Girl and punk fella.
Rae’s self-portrait / portrait of a girl.
Daddy at age 31 and possibly younger Daddy?
Princess / girl waiting for a cooking timer. Both by Rae.

We do not own this kind of cooking timer and I don’t think we know anyone who does. That girl is so creative!

Rae’s portraits of Mae.

Mae still dreams of dancing again. It was so nice of her sister to see her as a dancer.

Rae’s portrait of Mom. -practicing face proportioning.

On this one, she wrote “To Mom” followed by my phone number, which she writes on just about everything she gives me.

Ninjago is her current obsession. Lloyd is her favorite. (She likes the movie, not the show.)
BMO. The cutest character from Adventure Time.
Dad, painting the ceiling, by Rae
Finn and Jake, the main characters from Adventure Time.
Daddy, bird watching through a camera lens, “not binoculars.”
A school day spent at the table. Mae talks a lot more than Rae, haha. By Rae.