…in May…

Zack, the girls, and I will be living in a big house with his grandparents and his momma!

We already have the house and have been spending eighty percent of our time helping his mom and grandparents getting their homes/things in order. They will be moving in first and get settled before our loud bunch shows up full time. (The girls, the dog, and I may actually join them earlier than May, to continue to help them out…so maybe they won’t get much quiet time, haha.)

This has been a couple of years in the making (on mine and Zack’s side of things), but once everyone really decided to go for it, things moved real quick! We closed on the new house on December 23rd and it is PERFECT for all of us.

This may very well be mine and Zack’s forever house (I never liked that term, but it is very likely to be the most appropriate.)

We are ten to fifteen minutes from our favorite people. The same people we have traveled to nearly every other weekend for years to visit!

We still have a busy few months ahead of us before everyone is settled in completely, but we sure are excited!!!

2 Replies to “BIG NEWS”

  1. wow that’s good news!!!
    good luck in the move, it’s the worst part of all of this, but that house looks sooooooo beautiful and luxurious!

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