Schooling for us during this time of change (between the move and the virus) has not changed. We are still trying to find a good groove. I am fine with taking our time getting a steady routine or being in a forever ebb and flow of schedules, so long as the girls are thriving – and right now, they are.

We have a few different schooling areas but this room is just for the girls and me to work in. Our official ‘schoolroom’. It is SO nice having a quiet space for hanging out with the girls and a dedicated room for the quiet, neater things.

The design of the room has changed many times and will continue to over the next couple of months (we still have things to unpack and it is my nature to change things constantly). We will hang our beloved swing in here, place our family computer in here, and hang shelving, posters, and some sort of board to write on. We may even repaint a wall…or four. For now, a table and a cabinet are perfect.

Our other areas for schooling are Mom’s bed, our family’s living room, and will eventually involve what we have titled the girls’ “workspace” and, of course, the great outdoors.

We have kept up with our usual lessons through all of the changes. I have noticed having designated areas has really boosted they’re enthusiasm for every lesson.

Mae and Grandpa are wearing matching “garage cleaning caps” and Zack and Grandpa are wearing matching cargo pockets. 🙂

One new thing we have added is book logs. We told Mae that once she reads ten chapter books, we will take her to do whatever her heart desires. She read three chapter books in one evening. Haha. She thrives when given a goal or time limit. Well, Corona hit our part of the world, and that has been put off. But! The reading pace continues. One week later and she is on book fifteen, and has nine more stacked up and waiting their turn. (Not that numbers matter, but this is an interest/goals of hers right now)

Rae has joined it and has read seven in that time! I have just continued reading at my normal pace, but began logging mine, and Daddy has also decided to join.

Zack joined us for some nature drawing / taking a nice walk on a warm day. Mae was totally into this, and surprisingly, Rae seemed to dread most of it. Oh well, it was lovely despite a couple frowns here and there.

Another huge change is the outdoor space. The girls can ride their bikes on concrete without loading up the car with bikes first.

We also have multiple places outside around our home to hold lessons and great parks so near to us. I don’t really label our areas of learning like public schools, but the ‘recess’ and ‘gym’ parts of our days have changed for the better.

I imagine schooling will only get better for us from this point on – but as it is, we are really loving our days together in this new atmosphere!

* So much Mae in this post, but Rae is always with us. Bringing the camera out this month just seemed to pull her focus away from what she was fully immersed in.


This past month has been weird for us for many reasons – none of which involve the Coronavirus.

The girls and I officially moved up to the new house a month ago, just about the time this virus business became serious here. In that month a lot has happened within our little family group.

Shari (Zack’s mom) sold her house in under two hours of being on the market and was moved into the new place with us, and two weeks later her parents moved in!

The following Monday Zack went to work as usual but was told they would be doing online schooling for the next three weeks (really two, since spring break fell on one of those) – so, he is here at the new house as well!

Miss Mae is looking so very old. In my mind nine was much younger than she is seeming to me right now. I hope my heart can handle ten when it arrives!

The warm nights here (few and far between) are magical. Warm breezes, clear, bright skies, and choruses of frogs.

The girls have so many areas to hang at this house and it makes me so incredibly grateful for this situation we have found ourselves in.

^ From when travel was acceptable. Sibling love in the form of ice scraper back scratches.

Sunset on the first evening of spring was so so good!! Check out those tee shirts!

…and then it snowed…

We have been enjoying many trips to one of our favorite parks for walks in the fresh air on the rare occasion it isn’t raining (or snowing).

Miss Maybe. Oh boy. I am not sure she is too thrilled with the new move. So many rules and sighs from Mama. But she still totally loves me and follows me everywhere in the hopes she will receive some love (which she also receives). In a few months, we will have a fence for her and I will calm right on down. Hopefully.

The saddest news I have to tell is that our sweet Bailey girl died at the beginning of March. We are not sure of the cause.

This is the last photo we have of her. I am glad it is of her playing with the girls. She was my favorite animal kid – the sweetest, calmest, most ‘I care about you’ cat (where as most cats tend to give off ‘you can be replaced’ vibes). It is weird not having her around.

Her brother, George, certainly seems to notice her absence. He is our sole cat now. George and Maybe are plenty for this crowded home, but Bailey would have loved it here.

Zack is working from home for the time being. He is the only one here (in our home) who’s life and routine have changed on account of the virus. We just recently got internet set up at the new place, so he traveled to where the free WiFi was available for a few nights.

If things don’t go back to business as usual for him, I think he will do just fine. This being his last year at that school, though, well it would be a bummer if he couldn’t spend his last month with the kids face to face.

As for the girls’ schooling and life in general, things are business as usual – only the setting has changed. My next post will be about the schooling bits from this month.