My older brother came to visit at the beginning of September. We hadn’t seen them since his oldest, now six years old, turned one. We have seen Joe twice in that time, but it was so nice to see his lovely wife again, and get to know the boys!

Mae and Solomon were inseparable and surprisingly similar human beings.

He loves nature and everything it involves, just as my girls do. They couldn’t have been happier to discover this.

The way he looks at his mom. ugh. so sweet.

They baked a shortcake from one of Solomon’s favorite books about Little Red Hen, Cook-A-Doodle-Doo.

Quinn loves his momma. Well, I mean kids love their mommas, but Quinn was feeling not so great (teething and such), so he spent most of his time alone with Megahn. And, well, she’s just an incredibly cool, patient momma!

We took them to our favorite lake spot. There was no shade in sight, but it was a great day. We caught many tiny toads, Joe taught them how to start a camp fire with just a magnifying glass, and we got to visit with some horses how detoured from their trail-ride to get a drink.

Our nephew, Leo turned to while Joe was here, so we had a little party at our house to celebrate.

The made it back to Washington safe and sound!

Hopefully, we’ll see them again some time next year.

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