Miss Maybe fell even more in love with her mama.

Rae turned EIGHT!!! I have not written her letter yet, as we have been out of town every weekend during the month (including her birthday morning), and I just can’t find a quiet time to clear my head. Hopefully I don’t put it off too long. She certainly deserves a quality acknowledgment of just how much her existence means to us.

Rae has been talking about the movie, Soul, for a year now, and it comes out Christmas day! I have really enjoyed her drawings over the past few months.

Normally they don’t wear masks at the park, but – for once, there were other folks there – many many other folks there. She just looked so big to me at this moment…

As I mentioned, we spent much time at our old house, including Zack’s six day holiday break at the end of November. That week was the most quality time we’ve had with Zack in probably two years. It was much needed so we could both make big headway on the house and spend time, just the four of us, without anything else to do. It was lovely.

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