February felt somewhat like a holiday month. Maybe because Dad was home so much? Maybe because we were home for the majority of it?

While it felt like a vacation of sorts, we did get a lot of formal schooling ( I hate that term, but I’m going to keep it there…) completed.

Mae draws like Mum (bottom).

Rae is very happy with the sword she drew, and her handwriting/mixing marker in makes me so happy.

Rae and I did a lot of crafts on her days with me. So many good conversations happen on their individual days with me.

Mae is beginning to memorize the globe by drawing it. She is starting with England, Wales, Scotland, and Ireland. I imagine it will take her the rest of the semester. She has begun by tracing them – and has now started focusing on just Ireland, until that is committed to memory.

I was going to wait until her early teens to begin this project, but she asked to try it out now, and maybe in a couple of years or less, she will have the world committed to memory.

This counts, for us, as geography, art, and a good brain exercise.

(We got the light board, here)

Mae learned how to braid this month (the string clipped in her hair was one of her first braids) and Rae learned how to do her own pony tail – and gets it perfect more times than not.

“Send this to Dad.”

She bandaged her wooden sword that cracked. It was made by someone in shop class at Zack’s old school.

We cleaned up a spot in the woods for the girls to use as a secret club/fort/hang out spot. We trimmed limbs, raked leaves, and will properly decorate it this spring.

Rae began making a book of homophones and it is adorable.

It is cold in this school space. Some days they learned from the comfort of sleeping bags.

…and coats. Mae has been working on roots and suffixes…as well as elaborating on basic sentences, working on her chapter book, kindly considering working on her handwriting (hahaha), and working through typing lessons – still through

Rae began doing independent canvas paintings while I painted. We watched Adam Savage build things and movies she likes, like Trolls World Tour.

We have been working hard on our German lessons. Part of that includes a matching game Mae and I put together. Daddy even joins in – Rae is smiling at him in the photo up there. We still use Duolingo, library videos, a workbook we do together, and in conversations between the three of us throughout the day.

We got back into watching Youtube during snack breaks.

Some of the ones from this month include – JURASSIC WORLD: Building the Apatosaurus, ISLE OF DOGS | “Making of: Puppets” Featurette, Saigas are Straight Out of Star Wars, The 500-year history of the pocket, Bananas As We Know Them Are Doomed, Generosity, and all of THE HOBBIT, Production Diaries.

Some of their all-time favorites include: My Mom is an Airplane, The history of the world according to cats, Virsky – Hopak solos (Russian dancers), and How Netflix’s ‘Klaus’ Made 2D Animation Look 3D.

We are going to continue focusing on German and the Middle Ages. Also human health in more ways. The conversations have always been on-going, but I think they would enjoy projects. OH! We are also hoping to spend full days outside again in March!!

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