We got a taste of spring just as all of that snow melted away. The year we got married, Missouri had a snowstorm in April, and we experience multiple types of weather on a single day very often here, so I can’t rule out snow, but as of now, it looks like spring may sneak in quickly.

But the girls found the perfect little sledding hill on our first park day, so the three of us would not dread a snow day. It rains enough in spring here, maybe it can be a mud-sledding hill?

(I love that they both do the “Rogers’ scrunch” when they give a big posed smile.)

We peaked in the same little windows of the homes at this park – it is so cute in there! They are patiently waiting for the day they can take an official tour.

On the first day, we brought two bikes and a scooter – only to find once we had arrived, that Rae’s tire was flat, so she and I walked while Mae enjoyed her scooter.

In the second photo, she is trying to spot frogs which were so loud they made my ears ring and we couldn’t talk over them. All that noise and we couldn’t find a single one!!

We settled ourselves into being okay without more snow for the sake of the frogs, spiders, millipedes, and bees we saw on our walk.

Sweaty hand holding / fresh branches…or rather, limbs / limbs.

I still get to hold their hands everyday! Even at home, they hold my hand just because they want to. What a lovely life.

I should mention, while we did go to parks more than one day, most of these photos are from our first day, in which we went to two parks. We spent four hours or so at the first one (even doing some reading aloud and nature drawings while there), and two hours at the second playing waiting for the sun to tell us when to go home.

The day she couldn’t go with us vs. the day she went with us. Haha. Really, She was happier with us, I promise.

Poor Maybe had to be home alone all of those hours that first day. She is b e s i d e herself when I am gone – and more so when everyone is gone and Mum hid the cat food on her way out the door.

We went out the second day just to give her a thrill. She made it all the way to the car in point five seconds. She always sits precious and perfect – on her best behavior – in the car.

She graciously walked my dad around the park. She also enjoyed two of our three bottles of water and a peanut butter sandwich for lunch.

“Mum look! The bricks are fire and the wood is wood.” – Rae
Refilling their water bottle with water they pumped themselves. Tasted like mud and they loved it.

They enjoy the nature classroom so much! More than any other kids I see there. On the second day, we stayed from 10:30 until suppertime. They took a walk around a path, ate lunch, and played the rest of the time.

We’re not ones to wish away a season before the current season is over, but it was a lovely week to get a glimpse of what is to come…and now for a week of rain, which is a truer representation of springtime in Missouri. We have candles, tea, and books ready to go! I am so grateful for girls who make the best of every situation.

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