The beginning of March feels like a lifetime ago. – I wrote that sentence a week ago, and it is still March.

It was a good month, but the last week of it we took a somewhat break from formal schooling. Not a ‘spring break,’ more of a ‘Mum is tired’ week where they played, read their books, built things, had conversations with me, started re-watching Full House, and whatever they did while I read my own books, deep cleaned parts of the house that helped me clear my mind, worked on this blog, planned outings, etc. I feel refreshed and have no idea what April holds for us, but I do know we plan on having an actual spring break next month.

Below are some of the things we did do that I happened to take photos of.

Making a phone (numbers on an index card) to begin working on memorizing a new phone number.

Rae’s – Mum reading Anne of Green Gables aloud at the park / Mae’s tree from where she sat as Mum read aloud

Being a good girl, enjoying the beautiful day from the comfort of Mum’s view. I don’t trust her as far as I can throw her, but here she is proving my distrust wrong.

Working on writing German sentences (Mae ended up writing a paragraph!). No proper form was necessary and English mixed in was a-okay with me.

Rae’s King Richard. After learning about Richard and his brother John, and Robin Hood we watched Disney’s “Robin Hood with the foxes.”

My lap dog, working toward a nap while I read.

The first spring-like day, I sent the girls outside to be free. They decided to play pioneers for hours. That theme has continued on through the month.

Mae’s independent reading books have been Little House books, and during many of the too-cold, rainy days, they have been playing pioneers in the larger schoolroom. They set up a store inspired by the Oleson’s store in the television version of Little House on the Prairie. Nearly everything is a penny and no more than a nickel.

Zack bought some seeds while shopping with the girls. The following day, the girls began getting a plan together and browsed our seed catalog to look for some giant sunflowers to order. We narrowed it down to two kinds, but need Dad to decide which one to get.

Rae and the only flowers we started on the last day of March. None of the vegetables have sprouted yet.

With the pioneer shop being an ongoing pastime, we have moved all of our daily work upstairs. It has been incredibly cozy!

Rae has pretty well-mastered ponytail tying. She now ties her own and ties small portions of my hair while we watch documentaries during school or Little House. Mae is mastering braids, on herself and others (me).

On Saint Patrick’s Day, we ate the barmbrack bread (this recipe, minus the whiskey and ring, and raisins soaked in tea were our only fruit) we made the day before alongside some Irish breakfast tea. We read some Anne of Green Gables and enjoyed the sound of the rain.

Mae’s / Rae’s
Mae’s / Rae’s

During that week we read some Irish stories, learned about some famous places in Ireland, listened to some of our favorite Irish songs – over and over and over, painted shamrocks to put upstairs, read, and wrote a portion of Saint Patrick’s prayer (not written by him, just favored by him I guess).

Can you tell which one of the girls enjoys writing and which one enjoys drawing?

The girls began working on little stop motion films. Within a couple of hours (there were breaks in that time), they had a Barbie taking off a ponytail seamlessly and I am impressed!

The girls have been enjoying Anne of Green Gables (She talks SO MUCH!!!) and we are loving reading outside once more!

Mae learned to ride a full sized bike and she just barely fits it.

They have also played in the mud for hours, read books, worked through math and sentences as well as much more but this is where I will leave it. Happy April!

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