One activity the girls and I knew we wanted to do during spring break was camp. We originally planned on going with just the three of us…and Maybe. But, I decided to force sweet Zack to take a break from his never-ending jobs and get away with us. I am so glad he went. He was able to reconnect with his girls, look them in the face for long periods of time, and ask them SO many get to know you questions.

We kept it simple when it came to food. Our only cooking utensil was a marshmallow/hotdog poker. I premade bread the night before we left, sliced and lightly pre-toasted it to lower the moisture.

We brought hotdogs and chips for supper (which the neighbor requested for a movie night the girls had the night before), snacks, and toast with blueberries for breakfast. Very lazy easy.

We didn’t even grab our reusable camping utensils. We used the compostable utensils we keep in the car – which we wash and reuse.

Right next to our campsite was a staircase that led to the water – which has a skinny trail that follows the water. We took a family hike the first day and one more with just the girls and me before we left. They wanted to look at ^this^ spot for shells one last time.

Keeping it simple and just going reminded me how easy camping can be. The girls and I (Miss Maybe included) will definitely go more often.

Zack will continue to be busy all the way through to the next school year (woof), but I am so glad we were able to get a smidge of quality time with him during our spring break. We’re coming up with other ways to get him to procrastinate more often…maybe even an out-of-state vacation this summer?

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