We chose our next activity to be at two of our favorite places – the Saint Louis Zoo and Ikea. Wouldn’t you know, our zoo reservations landed on a snow day. The girls were still happy to go and spend the morning outside. We got very bundled up, ate some warm oatmeal before leaving, and brought along hot chocolate to enjoy as we strolled by habitats.

We nearly had the place to ourselves (due to the weather and it was a Tuesday), BUT! all of the animals were out – with the exception of the giraffes, but we did get to see an ostrich in the giraffe area respond to his name, Nelson, as a worker called him in for lunch. It was adorable.

We saw every bear playing!, the flamingos were chatting up a storm, every wild cat was out and gave us their full attention, each bird in the birdhouse gave us a show and song, and even the donkeys began trotting around as we walked up to them. I am so glad we went.

We skipped the displays at Ikea and took our sweet time at the downstairs market (and the kids area). They are such fun girls.

We got some lunch trays, pretend cloth food, and glass ‘water bottles’ for their dolls, some reusable napkins for our tea times and picnics, a solar lantern for our new picnic table, and a green flower pot because “Mum! This was made for you!”

The snow was really ‘chucking it down’ as we left for home.

By the time we got home it was flurries (as you can see above), and within thirty minutes there was no evidence of snow, just a wet, muddy mess everywhere. Then the sun came out and everything was shiny and lovely. It was a great great day.

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