March brought such lovely sunshine, rain, flowers, the smell of cut grass, clear night skies/more moon sightings, ducklings around the neighborhood, and mama robins (and its usual wind, wind, and more wind). It was lovely and seemed to last two months’ worth of time.

We, like most, held our breaths to see if there was going to be more snow and spent the month scoping out good sledding hills, which I supposed will be used next year.

The girls also, finally. became friends with the neighbor girl and have played with her nearly every day! I am so so happy about this!!!

I believe this was probably Maybe’s favorite month so far this year. Her diet is now solely table scraps, she has received a record number of pets and spent more time in my lap than ever before.

She also went a’wanderin’ around the fields behind our house and is now on a literal tight leash for the rest of her days…but now that the initial scolding has worn off, she seems oblivious to the more strict lifestyle she now lives.

Grandpa (Papa) has really been spoiling the girls with treats! They really adore that man.

George may have become even more beautiful this month. He adores Papa, too.

If Mae were an animal, she would be a cat. I know this summer he will hangout with us less. We have been extra grateful for his presence this month. However, I am keeping my fingers crossed that this is the summer he prefers home to neighboring fields.

George kneading his claws into her leg as she held her breath, giggled, and cried through laughter – while watching Little House.

We began watching an episode a night of Little House on the Prairie as a family. Most of the time one episode does not seem like enough.

We celebrated Saint Patrick’s day like we always do. This year, however, instead of studying all about Ireland from March first through the seventeenth, we only focused on it the week of…so four days worth (We talk a lot about Ireland throughout the year). This year did involve more baking/cooking Irish food though!

The girls still (mostly for the past year) play with Barbies for a couple hours a day. They’re storylines are elaborate – to say the very least. I have never known girls (any children, really) to play with as much detail, imagination, and consistency as they do. I was not this way as a child. Thinking back, I feel I had zero imagination. Becoming a mother has been a huge help to me when it comes to imagination…but I still don’t believe I am very good contribution in the area of Barbie dolls.

Rae got her braces adjusted this month. She is really taking the whole situation well and we are enjoying the incredibly quick appointments!

holding pinkies.

We finally re-visited the girls’ favorite playground! We brought lunch each time and walked around as well as play.

Zack and his mom both celebrated birthdays this month. Zack turned 33 and Shari turned 63! (My dad and I are also 33 and 63 right now!)

Wild onion bouquet from Rae. Our schoolroom has a faint smell of them and I rather like it.

We are enjoying seeing so many spring animals out and about and are patiently waiting for this robin to come back to her nest.

We have plans to visit more rivers, go camping, and spend as much time learning and being outside in April. March was a lovely preview of what waits for us in the coming weeks.