Shiny treasure
Easter morning
Morning’s lessons at the park.
Evening walk, forgoing supper to soak up some sunlight.
Maybe enjoying being out and about with Mum.
Afternoon at the river
New trail spot
Clearing Vovo’s strawberry patch / finding snail friends
Post-thunderstorm glow
Devouring new comic book – -Wolfwalkers
Snuggles during rainstorm reading (Anne of Green Gables)
Drawing family portrait / Mum’s big eyes are funny
Math / painting self portrait
Visiting our old house – our cousin, Beef, and enjoying new animal friends
Discovering toads made it through the late frost (so happy!)
Looking lovely
Found flower gifts on my nightstand
Watching to see if we approve of the gift he gave us
Morning breakfast/tea/lessons
Small friend that joined us for breakfast
Collection for pretend breakfast / Georges gift – a shrew, which the girls drew before burying
Polaroid for a pen pal / Dad’s truck attachment that doubles as a fashion show stand
Studying nature guides under the table
Painting in the sunshine / hot-gluing toilet paper roll horses and cardboard cowboys
Rae’s narration on the bubonic plague.
Mae’s salt dough map on scrap cardboard – not yet labeled
Girls’ pot from our Greek period, freshly fed flytraps, new Ikea pot with new fern, doggo enjoying lessons
More art from cardboard scraps / We began the third Geraldine Woolkins book
Always trying to be as brave as cousin Solomon
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