“My bracelet says, ‘kindness’!”
Old lady in her shawl.
Establishing our willingness to give luxurious belly rubs on command upon our arrival.

We got a little vacation worked into our summer. The four of us drove over to North Carolina to dog-sit for Zach’s sister while they were on vacation. We got so many dog snuggles, daily walks, got caught up on shows (turns out Hilda Season 2 is scary. Oops), and worked in some tourist things for us – but really we enjoyed hanging around the house.

Zoey, who normally growls at me if I get near ‘her boyfriend,’ Zach, grew attached to me! She followed me everywhere, just as Maybe does. Sweet WinnWinn always had a steady supply of belly rubs and enjoyed everyone’s company.

We’ve already got plans to go again next summer!