We knew we wanted to see the ocean before going back to our landlocked state, but we weren’t sure where to go. Since we had never stayed in Charleston, we landed there and got some recommendations from Sarah on what we could do and see. She knows everything about everything.

Our first stop was, of course, the ocean!!

Sarah’s friends who own the lake house sent their boogie boards with us and they added a whole new level of fun to the day! Mae enjoyed going out to the big waves with me and riding them in on the boogie board, while Rae preferred the smaller waves near the front that pound you in the face if you fall down.

Rae enjoyed building sandcastles and running back to our chairs with shells she found throughout the day. Mae did a bit of this, but she really stuck to the boogie boarding and hopping the waves with Mom or Dad.

I got my second ever sunburn, Mae and are got their first, and Dad got it worse than anyone – chills included (Rae’s got bad a few days later). I now understand the fuss about sunburns. We used sunscreen but obviously didn’t reapply often enough. Live and learn.

The next day, the girls wore my clothes, as they were more loose-fitting. You’ll notice Rae changes dresses. the first one had elastic right where her blisters were forming, so we dug the biggest bag-like dress in my suitcase.

Above is a civil war submarine that made us all feel very uncomfortable with its small size. The girls are five feet tall, probably the perfect size to fit in there, and they can’t imagine it. I can’t believe anyone ever made it out of that thing, but I hope they all did.

We parked in a parking garage right near the museum, so we started there. Zack and I are so glad we did. It was wonderful. History – winding through a path in chronological order – which led into natural history. We spent about two hours in there, I would think.

Birds. So many birds. Definitely my favorite part of the natural history portion.

Pity sunburn smiles. After lunch, we walked and walked and walked. We ate some lunch, and then, after walking back to the car, we drove down to the ‘end’ where there was a monument area of sorts to the slaves sold there and made mention of the pirates who were hung there. We walked past the rainbow houses, saw a couple of dolphins swim by – so cool – and on our way out of town, we saw a few more places we will go to next time, now that we know they are there. I would also like to find good food ahead of time. Picking a place to eat was tough.

We headed back to Sarah’s, getting there at supper time, and enjoyed a bit more time with them.

We have plans to dog-sit for them again next summer, and as of now, we plan on adding a trip to D.C. into the mix.

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