Our first outing was to visit my aunt, who lives fairly close to my sister-in-law. Darlene and Daniel are two of our favorite humans. Our visits are never long enough. I’m not sure what amount of time would be enough.

As a huge bonus, my cousin, Dillon, and his family surprised us! I hadn’t seen him in about four years – and we got to meet his sweet children.

They took us around the neighborhood to feed food pellets to the ducks and geese. Zack was so happy. He had never seen geese so close. The geese in the first photo were really comfortable around us.

We took the girls to a mall to spend (should they wish) some of the vacation money they earned helping to clean Vovo’s house once a week.

They collected ideas from the American Girl Doll store, purchased some new Lego biz, and, as expected, chose Chipotle for lunch.

Hand holding is my favorite. When they weren’t holding each other’s hands, they were holding mine. Such a lovely habit.

One morning, we took the girls to my childhood theme park, Carowinds. The trees were bigger and the park was smaller than I remember, haha.

We spent one morning walking around uptown. Oh to be in a heat without humidity again… It was beautiful.

We also, it searching “what to do in Charlotte” we found a French-style cafe. The girls picked out some treats to take back to Aunt Sarah’s house, and boy, did they pick some pretty ones.

*Zach and I had been vaccinated, but we all still wore (and still do) masks everywhere. Often, though, we were alone in a store and they could breathe easily for a minute, and we sanitized always and kept our no touching rule.

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