We took the girls to our first-ever Shakespeare in the Park ( a free outdoor event in St. Louis). The show this year was King Lear. The king was played by “Tony, Grammy, and Emmy award-winner AndrĂ© De Shields” and was set in Northern Africa. It didn’t finish until midnight. We all enjoyed it, but Zach and I will make it a date night next year because of the late hour.

In the days leading up to it, the girls and I read and studied King Lear. It helped significantly in following along with the plot and understanding the relations of characters.

We had many appointments in our old town, so we made the most of it by visiting our favorite neighbors, our favorite park, and the cousin who lives in our house. While, sometimes every time, I would like to just get home, I was always glad I chose to stretch our visits into time with people and places dear to our hearts.

The 2020 outdoor-boom had died down by the time this summer began, so we still had our favorite river spot all to ourselves. A few days in June, we grabbed Dad and snuck away by seven a.m. to enjoy breakfast by the water in the cool air.

Amelia’s sunburn from our trip to Charleston got so bad, we ended up going to a burn center down in Saint Louis, and made a day of it with lunch out and hours browsing every booth at Ikea.

If we ever do eat out, we take it to a park. On this night, a cooler evening, we grabbed Rae’s bike and set off with a plan to eat out and walk around a park. Zach was able to go – such a treat!

We took a trip to a global food grocery store we like. While there, we got a bag of scone mix for a future breakfast. We later went to an English/Scottish/Irish goods store, owned by an older English woman, in downtown St. Charles to pick up some clotted cream. It was hot but Mae wanted to walk around since we seemed to be the only ones there (that never happens!).

Above is a dog we met in one of the antique stores. She, Bailey, was incredibly sweet and patiently waited for pets from the counter of this glass case.

On Zach’s last day before heading back to work we took him to the zoo bright and early before taking a walk through a wooded path to the water in front of the art museum.

We began by letting the girls pet the stingrays and even bought food at the zoo (we left the snacks in the car), something we never do.

This summer we also browsed every outdoor equipment store around! Camping biz makes us all very happy. Each store in the city had a bike rack in front. We would love to be able to ride our bikes everywhere. Definitely a downside to living in the country…but the quiet is a great compromise.

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