This summer, Zach and I began waking up e a r l y and take Maybe on an hour walk, watch the sun come up, and enjoy the chilly air before the heat rose to unbearable levels – sometimes it was too hot by seven a.m!

Maybe is not really an excitable dog but after a few days of walks with us, she began jumping and talking, cooing and wiggling with anticipation. one day I was tying my shoe and she licked my hand the entire time. Zack has to be at work way too early, so we will pick up evening walks in a couple of weeks when the evenings get cooler.

The neighbors brought us some corn from the small garden they grew.

Mae and I spent a few evenings – and mornings – having long conversations about everything and nothing. I really like her.

We are a family of four people who love sleeping on couches.

We can’t go a season without entering a hardware store.

Rae had monthly orthodontist appointments. Two more months!

Rae and I had visits to hospitals for the sunburn blisters on her back. We turned them into fun dates with Mum.

Washing shells from Charleston.

Barbies barbies barbies. They dominated the girls’ free time this summer. As did video games. Lego sort of went to the wayside – but are still loved.

We went to a Rogers reunion. The girls and I went last minute to drive my mother-in-law, but I am glad we went. It was so peaceful. We were able to see family who live in Washington.

Homemade strudel with berry filling.

Horses! We took them carrots and apples whenever we could.

Conversation and dishes.

Rae began writing me sweet invitations for mom-daughter dates with her.

…and once packed a picnic with the restaurant menu and her Pokemon card book for browsing while I wait. Then, while I ate, she told me about each and every Pokemon. She still has yet to see a show of it, and it purely into them for the art.

Mae made a birthday chain…six weeks in advance. Haha.

They love this dollhouse. Their creativity and imagination know no bounds.

We have some delays in the remodel, but the girls are used to living in a half-done home, and probably feel more comfortable there anyway.

One day Miss Maybe decided to jump on Mum’s bed and has every day since. I am like this new caution-into-the-wind, let-your-hair-down-a-little lady.

Well, we still have twenty-two days until autumn, but I’m calling it.

Summer was great and full! I will try and be back with regular postings, at least until next summer.

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