October is our favorite month and the beginning of our three favorite seasons. Cozy, slow mornings. Cozy, slow evenings. Public spaces become quiet and all our own. Homemade treats are baked for our nearly daily tea times. Sweaters are stashed in every corner of our areas of the house. Our various autumn playlists are the best and fill the air of the memories we make. I love the month of October.

First fall movie. ^ Usually it is Fly Away Home, which we got around to, but didn’t watch it outside as we had hoped to.

Mae, making waiting in parking lots fun.

We have been enjoying quiet morning walks around parks!

The evening she turned ELEVEN! The great-grandparents took us out for supper and she opened up gifts from them and her sister when we arrived home.

I also had a birthday. Turned 34 exactly two weeks later. Zack and I went on a date!

As her gift, Grandma took her out shopping and they glazed pre-made pottery. Mae chose a princess tea light holder. She glazed it perfectly! She has had practice in Daddy’s classes, but never with such tiny details.

The girls always make me a cup of tea at Ikea.

Very helpful pup and human ‘gail’ making tomato soup.

Cute glue gun rest / Making ‘Spider Bill’ for her Halloween costume.

Cute pose. My phone kept ignoring her real face and trying to focus on the portrait.

Old man by Mae.

Last day of braces / first day of glasses

Rae got her braces off and a week later picked up her retainer and got glasses! Above is her and I in a park bathroom after eating lunch in the car between appointments.

Miss Maybe is not a darling when we take her out in public (notice three hands on her leash?). So, we don’t take her out often. But she went on TWO walks at a park in October!

Mae finally got to use the skateboard we bought her two months ago or so, but mine is more fun to use down hills. She has yet to fall, still, we got her wrist guards to wear. So far they are just for looks. Hopefully, they never have to serve their purpose. On her way downhill, I run alongside her and continue our conversation. 🙂

She also got some bunny babies for the dollhouse and continues to imagine and create with and for her sweet bunny family.

The night before Halloween, we had friends and a couple of neighbor kids over for a movie night. We opened with The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown, followed it with Wallace and Gromit and the Ware-Rabbit, and continued with Hotel Transylvania, because everyone wanted to linger a bit longer. I’m not sure how far we got into the third movie, but we didn’t finish it. It was freezing and the fire that had been in the fire pit died. It was such a lovely evening.

On Halloween night, the girls wanted to hand out candy, which they did, but we only got five kids the entire night. We live in the country, but also in a neighborhood somewhat close to other neighborhoods, so we were hoping for many more kids. They also watched Onward with Grandma while waiting for folks to show up.

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