I don’t watch the boys regularly anymore, but, I am their sitter when needed. It is so nice to see our favorite boys and get a day with them now and again (all to ourselves!).

A is old now. He is jabbering and can walk while holding onto hands! AND holding his own bottle – which he is almost done with, ’cause he old.

And how ’bout those strawberry curls???

Rae showed G her toad, “Mr. Green.” He was smitten and continually went over to the window to check on him (by just looking at the tree). When his mom pulled up to take him home, he ran her over to the tree to show Mr. Toad off and make sure to ‘tuck him back in’ to his spot before heading home.

School is out for the summer. I really hope we get to spend plenty of time with them in the next few months! We love them so so so so much and miss them terribly already!!

* Not photographed –  G got to decorate his own little pizza for lunch, they played with bubbles and chalk, watched a movie, painted a wooden car, scooted on the skateboard, and of course enjoyed many a minute on the indoor swing!

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