September was a lovely last hurrah of summer for us. I know some saw it as a starting point for beginning the fall season, but the girls and I are strict calendar followers and used the first 21 days of September to soak up and last moments of the summer season…and it was hot, which helped support us in our cause.

Sundresses and a George who still naps outside. September 23rd he began coming in each day and napping until supper time/bedtime.

School and conversation in hammocks will forever be my favorite.

Rae’s first braid crown.

A special 13th birthday.

Mum reading a book in the urgent care waiting room. By Rae, who had a scratched eyeball.

A chalk lion Mae whipped up in a matter of moments.

Enjoying the quiet-in-nature we experience once the public school kids head back to school.

Zack installed our new hybrid water heater, sized just right for so many adults living under one (very large) roof.

We enjoyed almost every meal outside in the last week.

However, mosquitoes were still dominating our yard, so we really only ate early breakfasts and late suppers out there and ignored the yard otherwise.

When Rae pretends to be a postman. They set up mailboxes, had a mail carrier sack my Aunt Nancy sewed and used the bike basket to deliver mail throughout the various posts in the yard…for hours!

We also started going to a Wild + Free nature group with our friends! It has become something we look forward to each week! We alternate weeks between drawing nature and hiking.

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