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This past week has been fairly busy. Here are some bits of it.

We showed our mom’s the house we hope to buy.


Counted rocks on it’s walkway.


Snuggled in bed reading books before breakfast.


Finally cleaned our car.


Spent some time on the porch on warm days.


Took a trip to the doctor for both girls… allergies.


Smoothies ‘n banana puffs.


…and spent time at the Firehouse (local teen hangout). Zack had to put up some framing for a high school art show this weekend. Kids love Mr. Rogers. 🙂

After the Firehouse, we went to a soccer game.

Today we have the home inspection earlier than we thought – HOORAY!- so the girls and I will spend three hours in a vacant home. I imagine lots of hide and seek will be played. 🙂

Snapshots: : 10

This week has given me butterflies of excitement for what is to come in the next few months.
Spring will bring more time outside with the girls. More time in dresses. More time at the library and the playgrounds. More time on the porch and time spent on bikes.
Aside from daily ‘round the town type of stuff, Zack’s work is exciting as well. His contract has been renewed at both schools, and summer school is around the corner. Just over a month left of this semester, and his first year as a teacher will be over!
After summer school we have a trip to see family – we are taking 2-3 weeks for it!! He has to be back in July for one day, so it get’s in the way of a longer trip, but we will take what we have and stretch it across as many states as we can! We really miss the southeast and those we love who live there. Wish we lived closer to them.
(We probably won’t be back up to St. Peters until August at the earliest I would think, for those of you living there.)
My mom drove down to watch the girls so I could go to the dentist, and stayed for a few days. Amelia and Grandma Penny bonded. Sad and happy to say, Miss Amelia has a new best friend – cue uncontrollable sobbing.
Yesterday after Zack arrived home we cleaned the house, and decided to take Penelope out to eat for helping Mama and Grandma so much. (and Zack making it through the week!)
The view on our way home (at the girls’ bedtime, oops.) after eating and picking up a red wagon for the girls. Can’t wait to use that wagon!!! C’mon warm weather!
I have photos to take for a couple today, Zack is going hiking, and church tomorrow! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

Snapshots: : 9

This week has been a hectic one. Non-stop. I feel as though things will never get done around here. I will never get caught up.
That being said, you may have noticed around here on the blog, mess and and a long to-do list have been pushed to the back of my mind and fun times with my gals has taken a residence in an adirondack chair on the seaside of my brain, and has no intention of leaving anytime soon.
We gave up Reese to a friend Tuesday, and spent the entire day with my best friend and her husband. She gave my girls each a dress. This pale pink princess dress you see above is obviously for Penelope. Amelia’s (hopefully) won’t fit her until this summer, as it is 18 months in size.
Bubbles! I am pretty happy about this warm weather and evenings ending with rich colored sunsets. More porch time! More time for bubbles! Slow sways on the swing with my eldest lady!
“Gone gone…”
Also, this onsie went from fitting to not fitting over night. Good thing I take so many pictures. I have a feeling this time in her life will be gone very soon, too soon.

Snapshots: : 8

Last week was a productive one for Zack and I, and a laid back one for the girls. I think I like that balance best.
We got a little backed up in the doing dishes department this past weekend. We had to substitute sippy cups for a bottle. Makes water taste better.
We added some new additions to the apartment as well. (Not all shown here.)
A new bookshelf (the top of which still needs to be decorated), camera poster, welcome mat, and finished desk made by Zack are just a few.
After work grocery shopping means supper out of the house. I think it’s not a stretch to say Amelia loves her Daddy. 🙂
Grocery shopping took a detour to the bike section. We tested out a Minnie Mouse helmet. Nice huh?
Soon I hope to get Penelope a tricycle. We’re kind of a bike family. The sooner the better. I think she is ready. A couple weeks ago, while at an antique store Penelope hopped on a (somewhat rusty) tricycle and took off! It’s in our blood I think.
Penelope has been bird watching (no doubt a hobby inherited from her Great-Great-Uncle Gene) from her window. She takes breaks to play ipad games…
S o. m u c h. laundry has been hung up over the past few days. Ugh. Not my favorite chore.
Love love love long underwear jammies. Especially the red full body sort. (and post-nap puffy eyes!)
Many-a-nap happened in the swing last week.
Our porch got a make over. We welcomed in spring right this year. Safe to say this porch will get a lot of use over the next few months.
(Swing built for Zack’s dad by a family friend, Cracker Barrel rocker gifted to us from Zack’s grandparents, table from my friend Jonathan, red chair purchased by us from a local antique store.)
Thanks for reading! I hope your weeks were full of work balanced with just as much relaxation, long underwear jammies and bird watching!!

Snapshots: : 7

This week I have felt a mix of relaxation and pressure to get things done around the house. I realize none of what I have to get done has to be completed a.s.a.p, but it is all a jumble in my head and I ‘m having a hard time sorting it out, between taking care of the ladies and giving them quality Mama time.
Here are some photos from the past few days: : :
Amelia has been on a steady feeding schedule since we arrived home. So far so good. I’m hoping to construct a solid feeding and nap schedule, one that hopefully parallels Penelope’s.
Made a run to the hardware store for some art class supplies.
Enjoying the new addition to our outdoor décor. Looks like something that belongs in my Aunt Mary’s yard, therefore I can’t help but smile when I see it. Zack agrees.
Porch time! It was freezing out, but 5 minutes couldn’t get her sick… right? My next post might just feature a photo of us all snuggling in bed with a box of Kleenexes…hope not.
Mama’s little mama. I try to let her help where she can. In the case of diaper changes, I quietly fix the diaper after Penelope puts it on. Sneaky sneaky. I have to say though, the girl is getting good!
I snagged my old frog jumper back from my sister and Amelia is thoroughly enjoying it! Now if only I could find one in my size.
My sister gifted me these old books! The first one shown is one hundred years old this year! The rest were printed in 1963. They have a story on each side! Done with one, flip it over and begin another. Some are stories that were turned into Disney classics, some are more along the lines of Huck Finn and Robinson Crusoe. There are a total of 13 flip books – 26 stories! We’re starting to read Penelope a chapter before bed. She chose The Jungle Book as her first one, probably because there is a tiger on the front. 🙂
Insta Collage
Thanks for sharing your Thursday with us.


Friday was such a good day! The weather was awesome, and everything went smoothly. We started the day out taking Reese to the vet. He’s been having issues for a couple months. I’m pretty sure he is grinning simply because it smells of treats and people take turns holding him. Doesn’t take much.
After Zack arrived home (right after school, which never happens!) we drove to sonic for some “fun drinks” and fresh air.
Penelope kept running over to the sign to stare at the chocolate brownie sundaes…or something of the sort.
Next we took a walk over to Zack’s elementary class. He had to sand the tables (he stained them rainbow colors Saturday-looks awesome!)
We obviously had a fun couple of hours 🙂
Saturday was pretty great as well! It started off with some time at the playground, just Mommy and Penelope. Daddy and Amelia were sleeping in…
But then, when the weather became freezing, we took a trip to Lowes (where we picked up that stain for the class tables).
Penelope thought I needed to start a swatch collection, ha! I have a pretty good start, don’t you think?
She made a new friend, one of Zack’s elementary students. They picked out e v e r y color swatch and sat on these buckets ‘o stain and played them like drums.
Her favorite color of the day.
On the way home we stopped by Walmart (which is no where near “on the way home”) to pick up some chalk so Penelope has something other than “ball” to play out of doors.
And, as promised to those who follow me on Facebook, our family photos! Wrinkly sheet from our bed, at least fifty percent blur per picture, wiggly babies, and silly faces. 🙂 Enjoy!
Saturday night we went to a talent show featuring all three schools. It was great!
Penelope stood on Daddy’s legs and danced her heart out to every song. Even Home on the Range! Ah, to lack fear of embarrassment. It was so so cute! I would’ve snuck some video had it not been so dark in there.
Penelope also made a friend here. a four year old boy who was a bit smaller than her. He has white blonde hair and a high voice. They held hands, and she made his arms dance like she does with Amelia. I think she received her ability to make friends instantly and anywhere from her grandpas. Not a bad trait to have!
Sunday we spend time getting things in order around the house, including finishing three of our many projects. We crammed those three days and got the most out of them! Love it when that happens.
Hope you all enjoyed your weekends!


New dresses for spring!
Here are some bits and pieces of our week: : :
Penelope is growing fast! My brain is having a hard time keeping up. She began speaking in sentences this week.
Amelia has had a weird feeding schedule and new food added to her diet. I must say, I am not a fan of her deciding to “mix it up.”
Anyone who knows us knows, art is our thing. Penelope has certainly followed our lead. She is getting good at drawing circles, triangles, crescent moons, blueberries (small blue circles), owls, and unidentifiable squiggly images!
This happened. 🙂 Totally looks like she took this herself.
Two warm days (one topped in at 80 degrees!) this week! I could easily get used to it. Although it is 30 degrees today and snowing…
We took a walk into town for some pie.
Then stopped off at the playground to get out some of that two year old energy.
Aren’t Daddies fun?



Don’t you just want to squeeze these thighs?

Here are some photos from this past weekend, enjoy!


Made a snowman (“Moman”) with Daddy.


Found not one but two belts to fit this tiny hiney.


Her favorite toy, Penelope’s sheep. She has some Grandma Geraldine in her ;).


Our Aunt Cheryl came to visit! (and brought goodies!)


First time playing, first time winning.


Admiring her work.


Happy Wednesday! Thanks for reading!

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I noticed over the weekend that I have not posted anything new in quite a while. I use this blog to update family who live states away, and dearly miss our girls and as a way for me to document our lives so that I may look back at memories we’ve made. So, sorry far away family, I’ll do better 🙂


Zack had a four day weekend (Thank you snow!) and we certainly made use of each day. We set up A’s crib – we had been using a bassinet / /  pack ‘n play. I am so glad we’re able to re-use the handmade mobile gifted to us by my bestie, Yesi. I think she is loving the wiggle room her new bed supplies.

Also, just throwing my prediction out there – I think Miss A will have some red to her hair and brown eyes (my favorite combo of hair / / eyes). Right now she has a dark rich blue, Penelope’s were lighter by now.


We filled our walls with freshly framed photos and toddler art, and created plenty more.


Cleaned the house, and took a photo, because it certainly does not look like this now…


Penelope adores her little sister, and enjoys taking care of her. I love when I walk into a room and Penelope is kissing her sister’s hand and saying, “Aww, baby. Baby cute.” She is, as my mom put it, “An absolutely precious, beautiful soul.” She knows only how to love.


Her Bible (from Great-grandparents Geraldine and Herbert) has been her favorite book to “read” this past week. We have a Bible study each morning. Lately I have been reading “More?!” than one story at a time. Can’t get enough.


Amelia. My buddy. Her favorite thing? Mama’s voice. Everything I say is hilarious!! I am taking it while I can, because I am not naturally side-splitting funny, and she’ll figure it out eventually. Anything to make this girl squeal, grin as big as her Vovo Sammy, and babble so sweet.


This weekend we played LOTS of games. Speed, War, Dominos, and the newly invented flip-your-cards-over-and-put-’em-in-a-pile. (classic in the making.) Had at least ten dance parties, and too many trips to The Walmarts.


This upcoming month we have Zack’s 25th birthday, spring break!, and [the famous] Pawpaw and DeeDee’s 60th wedding anniversary. Oh, and Miss Amelia hits the 4 month mark of life – cue uncontrollable sobbing. When older-than-I folks say time flies or where did the time go? They aren’t joking. I still remember middle school vividly. BAM! I’m 25 with two kids and a husband of nearly 6 years. Next time I blink my babies will be 30 and have babies.

Also I realized when I thought about my future as a kid I thought I would travel the would documenting it through photography, maybe get married around 25 and have all of my kids before 30. I only had two names picked out. Volree and Lorelai. No boy names. I certainly didn’t think I would end up with only two girls. I bet the Lord laughs, or at least snickers, when we make plans for our future.

Hope everyone enjoys the final days of February 2013!

Sunday Lunch in Photos


We went to Panera for lunch after church, and it was so much fun. Lunch was never this fun before we had kids! I love them so much. No offense Zack, you are plenty fun on your own 😉

I know for certain I would not even be in the ballpark of cute were I to make the expression Penelope is wearing in that last photo, but geez Louise, she pulls it off! Bias or not, I know she can’t be anything but gorgeous!

One of these days I’ll get someone to take my photo, I do exist, I promise…maybe tonight at the Super Bowl party we’re attending?

Happy Sunday folks!