Dear Mae

My dear sweet Mae,
You are a precious soul. You are full of love for everyone you meet. You are a treasure. A treasure the Lord dropped right in my lap, no map required. The X that marks the spot. I surely hope I do not take you for granted.
You are a great example of how we should live each day. A day full of curiosity, grace, and affection. A day overflowing with sweetness. Sweeter than maple syrup, my dear.
I miss you the second you head to bed each night. Your Daddy and I lie awake telling stories of your cuteness, giggling at the unbearably adorable things you had done that day. We love you so much little one.
You are speaking in sentences now. You say, “I love you so much, Mommy,” at the very moment I need to hear it. You greet your Daddy with joy each day. You allow me to hold you so tight when you are scared. You are patient. You are smart. So smart. You are the sparkles in our eyes and the glow engulfing our smiles.
We love you Miss Mae.
You are our home. You are the example the Lord has set before us. I pray we can return the favor when you need it most.