Day with Daddy

Zack ended up taking the later part of his work day off, do to not having enough work to do. He will be off tomorrow as well (yay!) so hopefully we can do something enjoyable despite the heat. Today we did a pretty good job of filling our time with activities indoors.
As you can see, our first stop was getting new books from the library. Once again Penelope owned that place, said “Hi!” and “Bye!” to anyone and everyone she passed, picked out books with tedious decision making skills, and handed the lady at the counter her library card and each book. Once they were checked out, however, she proceeded to raise them up to the “drop box” for returns, since we had done that when we arrived. Luckily I saw her and stopped her, she is just too smart, that one.
Watching a girl asking [begging] her mom repeatedly for Starbursts from the “nearest” gas station.
I mean, really, how cute is this picture??? Best Buds for Life!

Next we went to the South County Mall, which was great, and we got tons of walking type exercise. We ate supper and Zack got me some super comfy flip flops for my swollen pregger feet.

Pretty awesome day!


Rain Dance

This morning it was cooler than usual, and looked as though it could rain, so we laced up our rain boots and flip flops, stocked our wagon with water (incase we became stranded in the desert that is now St. Peters) and Bea (Penelope’s doll), and began our journey to the stop sign.
If we don’t see rain by lunch time, the radio will be a’blarin’ throughout the cul-de-sac and a rain dance will commence in the the driveway! This will of course bring a flood (Penelope’s dance moves are, after all, the best in the land) and we will be jumping in puddles before supper.
Hopefully there will be thunder and lightning and we can enjoy it by watching a movie and eating popcorn before bed! I love family movie nights complete with pajamas and food we should not be eating any time of day, much less before bed.
For now we will relax indoors with what will surely be a morning of reading “bookies” over and over…and over. Maybe its time for another trip to the Library.
Zack works 8-4 today and tomorrow, then two 12 hour days to fill his weekend. Monday he heads down to St. James for school paperwork, then back up here to clean and finalize getting all of our stuff to the new place. Just bits and pieces left to go, I find that to be the hardest part.



Visits with Friends

I mentioned in the last post that my mother-in-law is having company tonight, so in an attempt to keep the house clean, Penelope and I spent the day out of it.
_MG_5454 (1)
I woke Penelope up at 9:30 because, well, I’m bored with out her. After breakfast, we went to visit Grandma Shooie (my mother-in-law) at work and show off Penelope’s pig tails and general cuteness. We followed that up with a visit with my friend from my last high school, Marie. Short but sweet at only and hour long, hopefully we’ll get together again soon! Hint hint, Marie…
After that we picked up some lunch and went to go see Zack on his lunch break and are now back at home giving Penelope a nap to recharge her batteries. In less that an hour, we’ll be back on the open road to pick up Zack and go out for supper somewhere. I always claim “Not it!” when it comes to choosing where to eat, or anything for that matter, so I can’t give you the delicious details as to our future dining experience…sorry, I’m sure you are all dying to know…
Penelope eating Daddy’s cookie at our visit with Marie.
Hopefully everyone has a relaxing but adventurous Wednesday as well!
– – So You Think You Can Dance is on tonight! Hooray! For two hours tonight, I will think I can dance!

Happy Wednesday everyone!

A Day Inside

_MG_5387 (1)
Its going to get up to 100 degrees today. Penelope and I will be spending our day inside the house.
It started with Cheerios and banana bread for breakfast, followed by coloring. As I type Penelope is crying in time-out. Suddenly not so relaxing. Hopefully the rest of the day goes well without more crying. Zack is coming home for lunch since he won’t be home tonight. He is going bowling with friends from work. Girls night!
_MG_5401 (1)
Zack was supposed to work eight 12 hour days in a row this week, but managed to cut Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday down to 8 hours. That’s a total of one less day!
_MG_5392 (1)
Sunday after Zack gets off work, we’ll be heading back to St. James to make our move official! We have “loose ends to tie-up” here before that day comes. Odds and ends to pack up…or throw out.
Today, we’re going to clean clean clean! Shari has company coming tomorrow night. Maybe tomorrow we’ll spend the day outside of the house, hot or not, so it stays clean.
_MG_5374 (1)
Well Miss Penelope is dancing to the Backyardigans, baby #2 is kicking up a storm, now seems like a good time to clean.
Hope all of your Tuesdays go well!

Quite a Full Day

faded 2
We had, as you can tell from the title, quite a full day. It wasn’t full because we got a lot done, more full of big outings. My sister invited us to go with her and my parents to Chuck E Cheese for lunch, which turned out to be a wonderful way to spend the afternoon. Penelope had a blast!
Afterward we came home and Miss Penelope took a good long nap while I cleaned my camera, and finished cleaning things up on the computer, and Zack did yard work in the hot hot heat.
faded 3faded 4faded 5
We needed things from the store (Zack is baking a cake for work tomorrow, his coworkers are throwing him a farewell pot luck to celebrate his last week at MEMC.), so the three of us made a trip to Walmart- picking up more than we initially had in mind, like spray paint, crackers.
We had spaghetti, a DELICIOUS salad, pumpernickel bread and oatmeal raisin cookies. Now on to a relaxing evening on The Pacific with Zack after Penelope’s bath. Going to be a good night, hope you all have a happy Sunday!


Bookie Store

photo (6)
Penelope has quite a great day. She woke up at 10:00 this morning (that’s 14 hours of sleep, for those who are counting), followed by cereal and and a bowl of fruit. Zack was working on a project, so I decided to get the little Miss out  of the house and into another air conditioned building.
Jump ahead half an hour and we have her Lego wagon loaded into the van, sunglasses on our faces, music a’playing and we were OFF to the Library!!!
photo (1)  photo (5)
photophoto (3)photo (7)
She was in heaven! Books to the left! Books to the right! I was surprised to see her tediously select which books made it into her wagon. What a fiiiine selection it is! She also picked out a movie on our way to check out- Yogi Bear – ( I was surprised, but she was sure about it), and strolled up to the counter like she owned the place (and, lets be honest, she does…) stretched to place her merchandise on the counter, wait to be lifted to hand the kind woman “her” library card, and graciously gave a southern-drawn “Byyye” before strutting out the front door with her sunglasses on.
They really do grow up too fast.
We will definitely be returning for many more outings to the library. The library in St. James is even on our street, four blocks down! I see lots of Autumn strolls to the Library in our future.


Out to Lunch

photo (2)
Zack has three days off, although day one is closing in, until he works 8 whole 12 hour days in a row! Yikes! So we took his mom out to lunch to give her a break from work, and to get us out of the house. Penelope enjoyed coloring her menu, and it was too cute to pass up, so I took some quick photos with Zack’s phone…
photo (1)
Penelope having her hand traced.
photo (3)photo (4)
I have been working on “improvements” to the blog, actually taking the time to work out tiny details, instead of having basic, “blah,” links and such. Zack is making supper, and Penelope is avoiding watching Charlotte’s Web by running laps around the island in Grandma Shooie’s kitchen. Whatever works.
Also, for those who don’t have Facebook, or don’t follow me on Facebook, We have decided against the Name Olive Elsie for our new baby girl- although we still love the name- and are holding off on letting people know the new name until she arrives in November.
Back to blog editing… be back soon.

Home Tour: : : Penelope’s Room

Penelope has totally adapted to her new room; the big girl bed, sunshine in the morning, toys and crafts, books galore! (her favorite part), and old familiar things, like Raggedy Ann.

Sorry for the no-so-good photos today, I ran around taking photos (with no desire to make sure the lighting was good) out of fear I’d forget to before we headed back to St. Peters.
Penelope blossomed in a way while we were at our new place. She has become more fearless, creative, energetic, patient, and has begun to say more words, and has not been afraid to try and say new words, whereas before she would seem bashful. Not sure what actually got her into this new swing of things, but I’m enjoying it.
She has more books than this…. some were on the floor, we have a basket of books in the living room, some in the car, (she is now pointing at the screen, saying “Bookie! bookie!”) and three books in the bathroom.
The lighting I mentioned before—well, an example, her sheets are a crisp white with pink roses, not pale blue with red roses…oh well. you get the idea, right?
_MG_4878 (1)
More features of her room will be displayed throughout everyday posts, but here are some of her enjoying her recliner her and Daddy sit in for bedtime stories, which is also new to her.
Happy Monday!


A Week to Settle: : Cousins

Friday evening we had Zack’s cousin, Anna, and her three [gorgeous] girls over for supper and just to visit- ‘cause they’re wonderful.
We had a chance to break in our new grill, so Zack made hamburgers. The girls played with Penelope in her room, not leaving a single toy out of the experience, while Anna and I talked. Penelope was, and always is, attached to Anna at the hip fully forgetting Mommy exists. Later, when Zack was done cooking, we ate supper and finished watching Cars 2, before heading behind the apartment to the Elementary school playground to get out all the rest of the kid’s energy.
As you can tell, they all had fun! Penelope loves (what we’ve always called) her sisters! They are moving back to Seattle in less than a month, so we need to soak up as much time with them as we can before they go!

Penelope has a play-date today with friends after lunch! I’m off to get things in order… Penelope’s room post tomorrow.
Happy Sunday!


A Week to Settle: : Daddy’s Helper

I spent a week at our new home getting things in order. Zack joined Penelope and I Wednesday night after work, and had a lot of catching up to do as far as Penelope was concerned. Thursday, Penelope and Zack planted our first two plants for the new place. She loves to be a helper!
She hasn’t quite reached the point where she understands (or cares to) the proper way to go about using a watering can. She prefers to dump the water out in one swooping moment, creating a puddle on the ground and only managing to get a few drops of water in the actual pot. But the girl had fun! Mama snuck some water from the sink into them later in the day…
Zack was determined to teach her the proper way (as he always does), but she didn’t care. She just nodded her head “yes” an continued to spill it. Puddles are more fun.

* * *
Penelope has eased gracefully into living in a new place. Makes me wonder if she has her Mama’s wandering ways, when it comes to things such as moving.
This week has been all about “Bookies,” puzzles, and “Caaars!” –the children’s movie- which WILL be mysteriously missing when we return…
More to come about our week’s events another day.
Happy Saturday!