First Night

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Friday night, Zack Penelope and I spent our first night in our new home! It was Penelope’s first time in a big girl bed- she slept her usual 12 hours (Yay!), even with the sun shining bright in her window she slept until 8:00. She also took a two hour nap on Saturday without a fuss. I thought all of the changes might set off her schedule or comfort level a bit, but no, she’s a champ!
She loves everything about our new home, except she can’t see “DeeDee” and “PawPaw” (Her Greatgrand parents) and Grandma Shooie (Zack’s mom, Shari) whenever she’d like. Buuuut- We have a PORCH SWING! Our very own “Wee” (swing) right outside our front door! I apologize for all of the parentheses, Penelope has a lot of code words.
We are thoroughly excited about our new place! It is spacious and cozy, in the PERFECT location for Zack’s new job, very close to a park, grocery store and all of St. James’ restaurants! Bonus* my doctor/ the hospital are in the same parking lot and only a 15 minute drive away to Rolla!
Zack’s mom is heading back with Penelope and I tomorrow morning for a few days to finish cleaning and setting up things- but most importantly- to spent some quality time with miss Penelope!

For those who didn’t hear, and those who want to hear it again and again: : : 
We’re expecting another GIRL!!!


Happy Sunday!


Hot Summer Days, What’s to Come

Here in St. Louis it has been around 100 degrees the past week-not very enjoyable weather, but we have been trying to make the most of it. Penelope’s new favorite past time is coloring/drawing. Our inside time has been spent doing just that, playing with baby dolls, playing fetch with Reese, reading lots of books, and watching the occasional movie.
If we do make it outside, we make a mad-dash for the plants at the back of the house with our watering cans to give them a nice drink. Sprinkler time is always fun- Reese enjoys it just as much as Penelope 🙂 We have been known to do some sidewalk drawing with chalk,  and lay under the tree in the shade to count airplanes and birds (there are a lot!)
This week is going to be a crazy one for us : : :
Today my brother, Joe, is going with me to pick up a new dresser for Penelope and our new dining room table (Yay!), while my mom watches Penelope.
Wednesday, my dad and I are picking up a Uhaul truck and loading it up [Not me Vovo, I’ll just yell directions at the men 🙂 ]  with our furniture.
Thursday, I am picking my mom up at 7:30, followed by Joe at 8:00, and heading out of St. Peters by 9:00! My mom is going to help me unpack/ set up/ watch Penelope while I’m getting an ultrasound—OH! We also get an ultrasound of our newest baby!! Then back to more unloading and packing. Zack’s bestie/ actual better half, Dylan, is traveling up from Springfield to help with the move (Thanks Dylan!!). Although, like everyone else, he is probably really going just so he can see Penelope…
Friday and Saturday, we may or may not be traveling in a leisurely manner back to St. James to get officially settled and enjoy our new town. So exciting!

Happy Week Everyone!


Pinterest: Bathroom


Double shower curtain?!? I think the yellow and white make for a bright bathroom, and I really like the shower curtain print. They managed to make a small bathroom very bright and cheery!


source unknown
I love the flush flow of the floor into the shower. Not sure I would keep a bowl of fruit on the floor, or anywhere in the bathroom though. I would add some kind of color to the room, and I love that I wouldn’t have difficulty mopping under the sink!


Source unknown
Natural light made by large high windows, and the old fashioned bathtub.


source unknown
Plain cabinet painted and made into a linen cupboard.
source unknown
I might not want to ever leave…
The bathroom in our apartment with be centered around this shower curtain. Very blue and white.

Pinterest: Bedroom

At our next apartment, Zack and I will be sharing a room with our newest baby, who should be arriving this autumn. Once our new place is properly set up I will be doing a tour of our home, but here are some ideas of things we like: : :

I have always liked sleeping low to the floor, so a frame this low sounds appealing to me. Not sure how I would feel getting out of bed after recovering from surgery, but aside from that, this sounds great. Oddly enough, if my bed isn’t low to the ground I enjoy having to do a little leap into my bed. Too high or too low…we all have quirks I guess. Bonus Zack would enjoy building this, the man NEEDS a project. I would leave it or stain it, I just like the level of it- and that there are no clothes on the floor : )
A chair version of a loveseat! Yes please! Great for cuddling or sprawling out!
I noticed everything I have posted is of an “off-white” hue, so here are some more examples of this type of chair that I like with some color to them: : : (also on my Pinterest pageONE  TWO
Growing up my parents had a full length mirror,(nothing fancy- but you could see more than your face!) which my sister and I always wanted, at least for one of the many rooms we had throughout our childhood. My brothers always seemed to get it in their rooms, so I think I might be over compensating with this one, but I would enjoy a HUGE mirror like this in our room. See my whole body at one time and what not-although once I do I might have Zack throw it right out the window- just kidding. You could fit the whole family in this thing!
I have always loved handmade blankets. I now have two my Vovo made (Thanks Vovo!), that just happen to be made up of beautiful colors- I’m sure you’ll see them in our home tour post in a couple of months. We have one from each of Zack’s great-grandma’s – one of them featured here, and another my Aunt Ann made me as a graduation gift (it’s my favorite color green!). Its my hope that we will continue to use these in daily life in each of the homes we will have as our family grows.
I’m getting really excited to set up our new home! A week and a half left!!

Father’s Day

We are celebrating Father’s Day a day early since Zack works 12 hours tomorrow. We started the day with a donut cake, lots of fruit, gifts, and Dean Martin on Pandora. His gift was a handmade card from Penelope and I and a framed photo (featured below) of Penelope and I that my Dad took for the occasion, which we framed for his desk at his new job as a teacher!!
_MG_4449  _MG_4454_MG_4456
Afterwards we took a stroll around Target, picked up Penelope some big girl underwear (!!) and looked for sunglasses for Zack and Miss P.Mae, with no luck whatsoever.  We headed out for an early picnic lunch at the park- It. Is. Hot. Outside. Ugh, but Penelope was cute.
When I get done with this post, Zack and I are going to the Loop to do some window shopping and see a movie he has been dying to see at The Tivoli Theater!!

Happy Father’s Day to all of the fathers out there- although I can’t imagine any fathers reading this post, I’m just putting it out there…


Pinterest: Kitchen

These are just a few that might pertain to our newest, small, apartment – to see what we’d like for our future home that we hope to one day live in, check out photos here.


A shelf like this would be nice to store baking supplies, fruit, extra towels, cookbooks, and plants, to save on cabinet space. We also plan on using our white board for meal planning, I might make the frame a bit nicer and brighter though.

204421270556421663_UaIL26v4_f  37858453087457274_7zeWw6bw_f
                                   source                                                                                             source: :  not found
I’ve always loved the look of flowers, and how they can instantly brighten a room. I plan on taking Penelope out for walks to find some!

I love everything about this kitchen! Once I get a second look to remember the actually size of the kitchen, if its possible, I wouldn’t mind the extra cooking space something like this island creates. Plus, love the the plants on the windowsills, and cookbooks. For the record, I like everything in this photo, those are just things I might be able to use in our next place.


Pretty drawer liners are never a bad thing, especially since our apartment is an old one.

If our cabinet doors are terrible, it might be nice to open up the cabinet space – which would also force us to keep them organized… not sure this one will happen, but it sure looks good in this photo!


Life Lately

Last Sunday Penelope and I went with my family to visit my younger brother, Ben, who was doing some volunteer work in Illinois with my cousin Murray. We couldn’t miss an opportunity to see him, even though we just saw him two months ago. We knew he was really just excited to see his niece and nephews, but he was awesome getting to see him!

Around the house this week we have been packing, and trying to fill ours days creatively. Penelope’s favorite pass time has become coloring. She is getting really good at it, holding the crayons and markers correctly, and even focusing on things like spots on a snake, so she is beginning to realize there is more to it that scribbling. We are also learning the names of colors, objects (car, flower, apple, book, bubbles, chair, ball, airplane.), animals (cat “meow”, dog, puppy, bear, bird, monkey, lizard), and people (Papa, DeeDee, Reese, Daddy, Mommy (not her favorite word, I’m sad to say), Grandpa, Grandma, Joe, Leo…and so on. She is getting really good and speaking, and she has the sweetest voice!
Reese on the other hand has been extremely bored. I can tell he just wants to RUN! It has either been too hot or raining. Regardless, I know I need to make his fun time a priority, I can sit in the shade after all…
Zack and I have begun a garden that we will take with us when we move, complete with watermelon, tomatoes, strawberries, and peppers. Penelope and I make a daily trip to water them. She loves doing this and runs to find her watering can that Grandma Shooie got her. She loves to be a helper (and independent).
Penelope has also become interested in books, an even let me read through a short one last night!
I have dreaded packing with this move, but luckily we have a month to spread out the process, so it’s not too much pressure to get everything done right away. I t is hard to pack with Penelope around, because she like to help, which means random things in boxes and things I just put in boxes taken out. She is too cute though, so I can’t be mad. I usually end up sitting back watching her and cheering her on when something wrong is dumped into a box. She feels so proud, that makes me happy.
This is Zack’s last day of work for the next three days, and we will be celebrating Father’s Day on Saturday- a post to follow- the other days I’m sure will be spent packing and finishing projects, and letting Penelope run around in the sprinkler!




When you look at the cross, what you see is I am more wicked than I ever dare imagine, but I am more loved than I ever dare hope.       -Tim Keller

Surprise from the Sky

This afternoon, after a blistering hot sunshine filled morning, it began to thunder, hail, rain, and blow winds fiercely for 45 minutes.
Penelope and I watched from the patio/ playroom, rocking gently in the rocking chair, Penelope clinging to me like a little monkey not quite understanding what was happening. When she got more comfortable and it was still raining, we pulled out the flashcards and practiced new words.
photo (1)
Earlier today, however, we did get to enjoy some outside time. Penelope played in a big bowl of bubbles, dancing and squealing in the driveway, excited for the freedom to make a mess! We also colored Winnie the Pooh pages, watched Mary Poppins –which she chose off the shelf – complete with popcorn. We played with jumbo Lego blocks, baby dolls, swept the kitchen, had a dance party, and took a nap. Oh, and ate lunch with Daddy on his break!
Lets hope tomorrow is as eventful, relaxing, and full of just as many smiles!


The Sway of a Sunday

Penelope woke up at a crisp 7 A.M., leaving us with four hours to get ready for church. I gave her a nap in that time, then we headed off to church two minutes from our house, arriving too early, giving us time to catch up with our friend Mark that Zack grew up with ( a second Dad of sorts). The service was amazing, as usual in my opinion, as was the music. [I will be posting the sermon later in the week.]
IMG_3894 IMG_3895
After church P-Mae and I went out to lunch with my sister, her boys and my mom. Penelope and Leo find each other hilarious, and squealed the entire time making faces across the table at one another.
photo (1)
Once home, and after realizing Penelope was not interested in taking a nap, we watched 13 going on 30 with Grandma Shooie, and ate apple slices. 
photo (2) IMG_3870
I decided to take Penelope outside to sit under the tree in the front yard despite the heat to pass some time before my next attempt at a nap – which was also a failure – the time outside was relaxing, full of giggles, breezes, baby doll kisses, flower picking, and puppy chasing.
photo (3)photo (7)
We will have to do this more often.
The rest of the afternoon was spent watering plants, coloring, listening to conversations between Penelope and her baby dolls, filling out my planner with new found events, watching Shrek, eating supper, and giving Penelope good night kisses – lots of them!
photo (8)photo (10)
I hope everyone else’s Sunday was just as relaxing, and that all who could enjoyed some sunshine.
Now I’m off to watch Extreme Makeover – Weight Loss Edition!
Happy Sunday!